Art Junki is BACK with a BAD ASS look!

Fierce AF!

Hello fellow Art Junki’s!!!!!!!!! Oh, how I have missed you all!  Sometimes life comes knocking at your door, and you have no choice but to run with it.  The reason I chose to start Art Junki was because I wanted a space to express my love for all things creative.  It was never meant to overwhelm my life, or become ANOTHER job, it was meant to bring me joy, and serve as an outlet from life’s stress…. AND IT DOES.… BUT sometimes life gets in the way, and you have to prioritize what’s most important.  The past few months I have chosen to prioritize travel, and launching a new career in Real Estate.  These two things have left me little time to express myself in blogging, but its comforting to know that my baby is always right here waiting for me, when I am ready to let my creative juices flow.  So honey, here I am, ready to show you some artistic lovin’!

For this post I had the pleasure of working on a face that I have been DYING to glam for quite some time.  The best part about today’s model is that physically she is pretty much FLAWLESS, but more importantly she is one of the sweetest, most outgoing, kind-hearted good-balls that I’ve met in a really long time.  Say hello to Brooke!

Brooke and I have a few things in common.  First, we both work together in da club where we pop bottles and entertain our tables with some pretty stellar dance moves.  Secondly, we both have ZERO issue being major dorks, and embarrassing ourselves with our corny sense of humor… Brooke might be a little cornier, but I love her for it.  Lastly, we both have experience with acting and modeling, which is what lead us to the hair and makeup styling featured below.  Brooke reached out to me about a booking she had for a laser tag commercial.  The director referenced Cara Delevingne at the Pan premiere, where she rocked an edgy braided pony tail, and smudgy eye makeup.  She knew just who to call to KILL this look – Yours truly!  I was happy to get her ready for the commercial shoot, and replicate the hair and makeup, with an Art Junki twist.

Check out my final makeup and hair styling that I created on this beauty for a laser tag commercial.  Talk about a HOT bad-ass!

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