Art Junki Still has faith in her Chicago Cubbies!

Chicago Cubs in the World Series!!!

Go Cubs go, go Cubs go

Hey Chicago what do you say?

The Cubs are gonna win today

Go Cubs go, go Cubs go

Hey Chicago what do you say?

The Cubs are gonna win today

It’s been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs have been to the World Series.   When they won the National League pennant, shockwaves were sent throughout the city of Chicago bringing many tough men to tears.  The city streets are painted in red and blue with our infamous WIN flag posted up on every street corner.  Even my hot yoga instructor had an entire class with baseball themed music in support of the Cubbies!  Cubs fans have waited, and waited, and waited for this moment for so long.  To say that the excitement throughout the city is at an all time high, is an understatement.  A Cubs win in the World Series would mean so much to so many people.


Today is game 5 against the Cleveland Indians, and sadly we are are at risk of losing it all.  The possibility of it coming to an end feels like a dagger to the heart.  How could we possibly get this far, and not come out victorious?  Excuse my french, but what thee F*CK?!? But, I have to remind myself than one of the things that makes sports so exhilarating is that anything is possible.  Do you remember the huge NBA playoff game where Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds to beat the New York Knicks at Madison Square garden?  It’s spectacular moments like those 9 seconds, that restore my hope that this series isn’t over!  The Cubbies are still in it to win it!  So to my beloved Chicago Cubbies, this fashion series is dedicated to you!  Lets #FlyTheW

Photography by the talented Jordan Ring Photography @JordanRingPhotography













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