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Tulum Part Tres

Beauty, culture, and adventure are a huge part of travel, but let’s be honest, it’s also about the fun!  I have a deep appreciation for taking in my surroundings, exploring the terrain, and simply relaxing on the beach, but I also love to let loose, smoke a jay with other travelers, and dance myself silly with a group of new friends.  Drinking a bottle -or two- of delicious wine at a fabulous dinner, and chasing it with jungle beats spun by a local DJ at the outdoor dance party on the beach was a definite MUST in Tulum.  For this post I will walk you through the fun we had on our girls trip to Tulum.

Day Party

La Zebra:  La Zebra had a really fun daytime scene in Tulum.  It had good music, a fun crowd, and only a 5 minute walk down the beach from our hotel.  Both times we went, we parked ourselves at the beach bar.  We made friends with an American bartender from NY that shared the same last name as me 🙂  Mr Wolf(e) recommended the ceviche/guacamole combo for a small bite, and created delicious cocktails on the fly based on our taste buds.  The group favorite was a his spicy margarita, which was the best I had ever had.

Mr Wolfe

Spicy Marg… yummmmmm

La Eufemia: On my first trip to Tulum 2 years ago we stayed at eco-friendly slice of heaven called Papaya Playa Project.  We loved it, and planned to return, but it was completely booked out for this trip!  That said, we still wanted to spend a day at their beach, eating delicious fish tacos by the ocean.  We decided to rent bikes one morning and rode our way to the other side of the beach, only to find that it was closed for a private event – LAME AS FU*K!  While biking back we stopped for a juice at a cafe nearby, and met the owner who was originally from Canada.  We explained our dilemma and he suggested a beach scene where all the locals go, called La Eufemia.  This is another perfect example of what I love about traveling.  If you choose to get out of your shell and start talking to people, you stumble upon some real gems.  We biked to La Eufemia, and immediately fell in love.  It was a very chill vibe, with music that ranged from opera to reggae to rock, and their tacos were out of this world!


Tacos… get in my bellllyyyyy

Then the sun goes down, and a whole new party begins….

Night Party

Each night out began with Art Junki glam assistance, and a few selfies, and then dinner!

Posada Margherita:  I will never forget my first dining experience at Posada on my trip to Tulum two years ago.  I absolutely loved it!  The space is stunning with various shades of white, and wood detailing.  The lighting was perfection, with candles all around the room.  The restaurant is Italian owned, with a small dinner menu featuring hand-made pasta, fish, and shrimp options.  Although the food, and location were just as lovely as I remember, I was disappointed with the overall experience this time.  Being someone who has worked in the service industry for 10+ years, customer service is at the top of my list when it comes to a pricey dinner.  This time my experience was not so dreamy.  The door host was very rude to one of my friends when we asked about the wait time, and once we were sat we felt pressured to be in and out as fast as possible.  Our servers kept changing, and seemed pushy to get our order in as fast as possible so they could get us out of there for another table to be sat.  I will say that we were visiting Tulum during a very busy time, but I don’t know if I would go back again on my next trip.

Cenzontle:  Along with La Eufemia, the Canadian juice-shop owner also suggested a restaurant that he loved called Cenzontle.  This was by far the best customer service we had in Tulum.  When we walked in, the hostess greeted us with a huge smile, and asked us about our trip so far.  The space had greenery and vines along the walls and ceiling.  I knew I was a fan right away, when the first two artists playing over the speakers were The Roots and OutKast.  Our server was very sweet, and super knowledgeable.  We ordered over half of the menu, and each dish was uniquely delicious, with a variety of tastes and flavors.  The ribs were definitely my favorite!  At the conclusion of our meal, the manager came over to ask about our overall experience, and thanked us for joining them.  I would highly recommend Cenzontle on your visit to Tulum.

Mateo’s:  To me, Mateo’s is an absolute MUST when you are in Tulum.  It encompasses that true, beach-town feel, with live music, a spectacular sunset view, delicious tacos, and 2 for one cocktails!  In both of my trips to Tulum, I have made a stop by Mateo’s.  It has a more casual feel, which makes it a good place for drinks and an appetizer before dinner.  It’s also a great option for breakfast and lunch, as they have a juice and coffee bar as well!

Arca:  Arca was my favorite dining experience overall.  From the ambiance, to the food, to the drinks, to the service, this was a highlight of the vacation.  The space itself is beautiful, with an open-air dining area, perfect lighting, and an ideal number of tables so you don’r feel overcrowded.  We had a Chicago contact at Arca that helped us out with reservations, and walked us through every inch of the menu.  We trusted his guidance and let him order for us.  I loved everything that came out of the kitchen.  The octopus and creme brulee dessert were two of my favorites.  We enjoyed the vibes so much, that we went back for cocktails another night.  Thank you Arca and Malcom.  Check this place out!

Pre-dinner drinks at the cute bar next door…..

The bartender made us roses out of napkins (and look at my lashes! BOOM)



Dessert… I’ll take 5 please

and after the party… it’s the afterparty…

Post dinner, we found Dj’s, dancing, and a damn good time at Casa Jaguar, Gitano, and Mur Mur.

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