Jonathan Toews & GF Lindsey V. get SPOOKED by Art Junki

Skeleton Makeup on Jonathan Toews & Lindsey V.

Growing up in Chicago – and YES, I actually mean the city -I have always had a love for Chicago sports.  It is engrained in me.  I truly believe that there is nothing like Chicago sports fans, and the love we have for our teams.  I will never forget growing up in Chicago in the 90’s when the Chicago Bulls… I mean, DA BULLLLLS… had one of the greatest dynasties of all times; winning SIX NBA championships lead by basketball legend, Michael Jordan.  I remember taking pictures of the television screen, and running through the streets banging pots with my neighbors, as every car laid on the horn in celebration.

Over the course of the past few years, The Chicago Blackhawks have emerged into our BEST team.  Once again, Chicago had a winning squad to rally behind.  It was so amazing to watch the city light on fire with not one, not two, but THREE Stanley Cup championships.  We could not have done this without our incredible team leader, the Captain, Jonathan Toews.



I have been lucky enough to get to know Jonathan, and I can say first hand that he is not only one hell of a hockey player, but an all around good human being.  He is down to earth, funny, polite, and has a badass girlfriend!  When Jonathan and Lindsey asked me if I was available to do their makeup for the Blackhawks Halloween Party, I was both flattered and ECSTATIC!  HELL YES I’M AVAILABLE!!!!  Here is the final look I created on Mr. and Mrs. Dead Serious!










Now for our next WINNING Chicago sports team…. OUR CHICAGO CUBBIES!!!!!!! #FlytheW

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