Moon Child Makeup with Art Junki

Outer Space…. You So SEXYYYYY


I have always been intrigued by outer space.  It’s so fascinating to learn about the infinite heavens beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.  So may unknown factors and variables.  So much mystery.  I am also blown away by all the artistry in the sky.  The stars, the moon, the clouds, and planets have so many different textures, colors, and shapes.  There is an endless amount of beauty in the world around us if we just take a second to stop, look, and listen.  This beauty inspires paintings, music, fashion, and even makeup!  Todays makeup post is dedicated to my attraction to outer space.

Central region of the Trifid Nebula (M20 in the Messier Catalogue) taken by the Gemini North 8-meter Telescope on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii, June 5, 2002. Located in the constellation of Sagittarius, the beautiful nebula is a much-photographed, dynamic cloud of gas and dust where stars are being born. One of the massive stars at the nebula's center was born approximately 100,000 years ago. The nebula's distance from the Solar System remains in dispute, but it is generally agreed to be somewhere between 2,200 to 9,000 light years away.


When crafting this makeup look, I was immediately drawn to products that were iridescent in character.  I really wanted that lustrous, pearly sheen, where the makeup appeared to change color when looking at it from different angles.


Luckily, these moon tones are trending right now, so I had a LOT of products to choose from!  Here were some of my favorites:


  1. Strobe Lotion by MAC
  2. Loose Pigment by MAC in Pink Pearl & Feminity
  3. Eyeshadows by MAC in Smokey Mauve & Last Dance
  4. Powder Blush by MAC in Full of Joy
  5. Loose Pigment by Benefit Cosmetics in light blue shade


Meet my gorgeous model and one of my best friends, Abby 🙂  I knew she would SLAYYYYY this Moon Child Makeup!




Futuristic Space Knot by Art Junki


The Details


Moon Child


Stop, Look, and Listen to all the beauty around you and BE INSPIRED!  Have a wonderful day!

-Art Junki


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  • Reply Ingrid Payne October 25, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    I love the moon child look – so fun and on trend. You so sassy art junki

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